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Current construction progress

In April 2019, the conversion of the outdoor facilities and the extension of the stairwells and plastering work will begin. The rental space in Building 2 has already been completed. The tenant Sunpoint will move into its rental space at the end of April.

In March 2019, the interior construction of the future HIT space on the ground floor continues to progress: Work has begun on the installation of the technical building equipment (ventilation, refrigeration, sanitary, electrical) and the painting and tiling work. In addition, the mullion-transom facade was installed. In the meantime, the north and south facades have been completed to 70%. The carpentry work has been completed. The roofing work on the ground floor has also begun.

In January and February 2019, various different trades will be on the construction site. The steel structure work for the roof construction will be continued. Therefore the carpenter comes at the beginning of January and will be able to start with the extension. In addition, the specialists start to build the insulation above the ground floor. In the left part of the building, the interior construction work is progressing rapidly. In the course of January, electricians and tilers will also start their work. This will be followed by the installation of ventilation, heating and sprinkler systems. The first windows will be installed at the end of January. At the beginning of February, the first facade elements will be installed.

In August 2018, the shell construction work on the ground floor was completed and continued on the upper floors. In November 2018, the shell of the first upper floor was completed and the steel construction work for the second floor commenced. Parallel to this, the ground floor will be extended. The shell will be completed at the beginning of 2019.

Photos construction progress

Before / After

Information for residents

Extensive construction work generates dirt, noise and other impairments for the residents. It is self-evident that we care for best solution to reduce any inconvenience to a minimum. Should the work on the construction site be impaired, then the following applies we apologize for this. Do you have ideas, suggestions or would you like to criticize utter? Then send us an e-mail to or contact us personally.

We look forward to the dialogue with you! 

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